Ask your inner being more questions

Who gets the idea first? Who’s most responsible for the expansion of this idea? The one who’s sifting through the existing data? Who is able to then form the next question? Or the one who having received the question is now in the place of receiving the answer?

When we say co-creating at its best, do not underestimate the importance and value of your sifting through the data that makes you pose the question.

And so if you want to speed this up, and if you want to like it even more, ask more questions. Say to your inner being, “What more shall I ask now? What could I ask now? What’s the next question?”

You could ask your inner being what the next question is. You don’t have to just get the questions from the data of your physical time and space. We have not said this before.

You can get the next question from the data that your inner being is concluding from the data that you are exploring. Your inner being is faster on the questions than you are. You can receive the question and then receive the answer.

How fun is that? This is going to open some things up for you.

Abraham Now broadcast - June 19, 2021