Be curious and things manifest immediately

So, in the Law of Attraction, as you are wanting to make yourself separate, you will stay in a loop. If it’s something that you want to explore because you’re just curious, and things are going to flow, it’s going to be easy.

So, be aware of your expectations and your judgments. Manifestation gets easier when you just simply are curious.

“Oh, that’s how that is - interesting. Oh, I wonder, what it would be like to have a million dollars in my bank account?”

Having that curiosity is very different than “I’d really like a million dollars because I’m tired of suffering.”

Or, “I don’t want to be seen as a failure so I need more money in my bank account. I’m a failure. I’m not enough. But if I have it, then I’m not these things.”

See how that works?

When you’re curious and say, “Oh, wouldn’t it be fun?” - all the things we could do with that energy, and there are no strings attached - then things immediately manifest, because you’re in alignment with that higher frequency.

When you start assigning judgments and values and expectations, it’s like an anchor and it weights you down. And now you’re down here, that thing is up here - and you have to be in alignment to experience it.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - June 2020


I feel like life is a giant question. If you keep asking questions, it provides answers.

But the trick is to ask the right questions.


The Autopost system is very reflective!!


Too true! I’ve gone back to asking “what is it that I do want?” It normally lifts my mood and lovely spontaneous things keep happening.


I’ve never looked into the details of how the autobump algorithm works but it does come up with remarkably timely suggestions.

For example, within an hour of the Questions webinar being voted for by the members, it pulls up quotes from you (and the 9DPC) implying life is all about asking questions :wink:


I noticed that, it is quite fun to see actually.

It just did the same for me with the Self Sabotage post. I had a day or so of observing and thinking about it. Then it bumped the post.