The scale of desire and resistance

If you made a list of the things that you just softly thought about, that you weren’t worried about, and then you notice how much it’s showing up, detail, after detail, after detail… the Law of Attraction is so capable and accurate and responsive to your vibrations on so many levels of your being.

And so, as you know that and do something deliberate about that, then in time, you can ask for whatever you want.

You reach the point where it’s actually easier to start with something that you don’t have at all and attract it than it is to attract something that you’ve been wanting to attract that you’ve been expecting not-to-attract for a while.

You just have to figure out where you are on the sliding scale, how strong is the desire and how strong is the resistance.

If the desire is really, really strong (this is a little side note that we’re going to give you carefully)… if your desire is strong enough, it almost doesn’t matter what you believe because your desire will bring you what you want.

Abraham - Dallas, Texas - Oct 28, 2023