If you want what you need, that will give you everything

Based on the idea you call the Law of Attraction, it isn’t wrong that you have to be of the vibration to attract what you need, but many people have a little bit of a misunderstanding as to what that really means.

And so, as we have explained, your core frequency, your true essential vibration is already attracting everything you need as powerfully as it can be. So it’s not about having to learn that particular frequency. You’re already radiating that frequency, every moment of your existence. It is pouring out of you.

The idea is to stop getting in the way of allowing it to attract what you need. So it’s not about having to learn something you’re not already doing. It’s about letting go of those fear-based or negative belief systems or erroneous assumptions and definitions that are impeding your core vibration from bringing you what you need in life.

And notice that we have said what you need, not what you want. Sometimes your wants and needs can coincide. But very often, the want may be the result of a misunderstanding in the ego structure, to make you think you need something that really isn’t necessarily as relevant as you might think, or as you might wish.

But if you have what you need, your lives will be fulfilled. You will live a life of joy, because the needs are what will support you in every endeavor that is representative of your truth, of your passion, of your true path in life.

If you have what you need, you have everything.

Again, sometimes if you are in touch and in tune with your true self, then your wants and needs may coincide. And at the very least, if you’re going to want, want what you need, because that will give you everything.

Bashar - Welcome To Sedona, The Interdimensional City - September 2023