You do not have to learn the frequency of what you want - it's automatic

Why [does] Law of Attraction actually work? I mean, I think I understand what it is and I’ve seen it actually works. But I don’t understand why. I can think of a situation in which two things have the same vibration don’t attract each other, or two things of different vibration don’t repel each other. I mean, I can also think of that possibility… why Law of Attraction works?

Yes, we can explain it mechanically. But on the other hand, you will have to investigate the specific reasons why something may appear to work or not work because it may have to do with the belief systems of those individuals having the experience.

But mechanically speaking, first and foremost, while it is generally correct that you need to be the frequency of the thing you wish to attract in order to attract it - because you have to be on the same wavelength of something to experience it - the difference in what most people understand about the Law of Attraction is they think they have to learn to generate that frequency to attract what they truly need in life.

You don’t have to learn it - it’s automatic. It’s your core frequency. And it’s always being given off. And it’s always attracting what you need.

It may not attract what you want because what you want may be the product of a negative ego, or just an assumption that certain things are what you need when they’re not.

But the idea is it’s not about learning to give off that frequency to attract what you need. It’s about not getting in your way. It’s about letting go of negative beliefs and fear-based beliefs that might be preventing what your core vibration is attempting to attract from getting to you.

So the real secret of the Law of Attraction is you just have to get the negative vibrations, the negative beliefs, out of the way and clear up those ideas that may be impeding the attraction that is automatically being sent out from your core frequency to the things you need in life.

And understanding the difference between what you want and what you need, because there can be a very big difference.

Bashar - Breaking News - July 2021