How To Talk To Your Self webinar - AI Summary

This is an artificial intelligence summary of the How To Talk To Your Self webinar


Here is a summary of the key points:

  • The webinar introduces a 5-step process for receiving guidance and answers from your inner being/higher self:
  1. Collect questions you want answered
  2. Genuinely feel good - ground yourself and get into a positive emotional state
  3. State your intention - clarify what you want guidance on
  4. Ask your questions
  5. Let the answers flow - be receptive and record/write down whatever comes through
  • It’s important to be specific with your questions to get clear, helpful answers. Treat it like a conversation.

  • Don’t give your power away to the answers. View any guidance as helpful suggestions, but ultimately you decide what feels right for you.

  • Practice this process to build your skills in reaching and maintaining an aligned, receptive state. Answers may come through writing, speaking, drawing, etc. Find what works for you.

  • Use your daily morning routine to get into a good state, then ask your questions - this makes the process efficient.

  • The key is feeling good and being open to receive. With practice, you can access an inner wisdom that can guide you in any area of life.