Open Hotseat - October 2022 - AI Summary

This is an artificial intelligence summary of the Open Hotseat - October 2022


Here are some key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Positive emotion is direct communication from your higher mind/higher self. Follow your positive emotions to align with your higher self.

  • You can use other beings (like Bashar) as a “proxy” to your higher mind by imagining what they would say. But the most direct path is tuning into your own higher mind.

  • Ask questions and set intentions, then receive the answers later when feeling good/in a high vibe state. Trying to do both at once is difficult.

  • Keep an open, empty mind and make space for your higher self to communicate through impulses and inspiration in your daily life.

  • Make flexible “light” plans that leave room for higher self input rather than rigid, logical plans. Allow your intuition to guide the specifics.

  • Meditation, reflection, creativity, dreams, exercise and shower thoughts are all avenues for the higher mind to communicate.

  • Following higher self guidance may seem illogical but leads to faster manifestation than logical, rigid action plans.