Do people exist outside of your own consciousness?

You speak about how everything around us is a reflection of our own consciousness. And this individual [referring to submitted question] is saying they struggle to understand whether or not people exist outside of their own consciousness.

Do they actually exist? And are they having their own similar experience as what I’m seeing in the reflection, or does this work some other way?

This is again a case of people on your planet being trained to think exclusively instead of inclusively, thinking this-or-that instead of this-and-that.

Of course, they exist. That doesn’t mean you don’t create your own version of them in your consciousness. But creating your own version of them doesn’t negate the idea that they create their own version of you. It all exists.

But because of the nature of physical reality and how you choose to perceive things, you have to create your version of them. So what they are experiencing may not be absolutely completely identical to what you’re experiencing.

But if by agreement on a higher level, you agree to experience something similar, then it will be close enough for you to feel you have had a shared experience, a shared description. Any minor discrepancies are usually ignored by you because the overall description, the overall sharing, seems to be consistent between you.

Bashar - Persistence of Vision - May 2023