All experiences exist in parallel realities whether you think of them or not

Does an instance in a parallel reality of mine exist, even if I or someone else doesn’t ever think of it? And for example, I can imagine many bad things that I would really dislike if they happened, do they exist in a parallel reality because I thought of them?

They exist in a parallel reality whether you think of them or not. Thinking of them may simply make you aware of the fact that those parallel realities do exist.

But again, there are certain things in other parallel realities that are simply not relevant for you to experience in your timeline. So all of that’s going on, all those things exist, all those are real experiences to some version of yourself, even though it’s not really you. They are other people.

But the idea is they may simply not be relevant for you. So you don’t even have to be aware of them even though they’re going on, in the same way that watching one program on your television doesn’t necessarily make you aware of the fact that there are other programs going on simultaneously because that’s simply not the program you need to be watching. It doesn’t mean they’re not happening. And it doesn’t mean you have to worry about it.

And if one moment or another, you might think, “Oh, well, maybe there’s another program where what I’m watching here is a little bit different or the opposite is happening to these characters.”

Well, yes, that may be true. But again, it has nothing to do with the program that you’re watching.

Bashar - Parallel Realities and You - August 2023