You create a continuity illusion using parallel realities

When we switch between parallel realities, we have a memory of the past. Is that memory of the past, the past of the individual in each parallel reality or is there a different past that the individual does not remember or is there a fresh start and the past does not exist?

All of them. Remember, it’s not this or that, it’s this and that. Everything you’ve described happens simultaneously. And it just depends on which one you focus on that gives you the experience you’re having.

I think defining past would be helpful. For me, past seems to be more tangible as we have physical objects that are from the past, whereas the future seems like the idea of illusion because there are no tangible physical objects from the future.

First of all, you don’t have physical objects from the past. You create them again in the present. Nothing comes from the past. You are creating a continuity illusion.

Creating an object in the present and saying it comes from the past doesn’t mean it actually does. That’s just your way of expressing the idea of time and space.

And in fact, you actually do have objects from the future, you’re just not allowing them to be visible yet until you believe they need to be visible in the present.

So an object you’re considering to be from the past is also an object from the future. If you’re creating the continuity that the object is still there in the next moment, that object came from the future.

Bashar - Fairy Tales for Grownups - June 20, 2020