Are we replacing an existing version of ourselves when we shift to a parallel reality?

Here’s a question about shifting through realities. How is it that when we are shifting billions of times per second to already existing worlds, that we are not “kicking out” an existing version of ourselves already there?

And how is it we now have that person’s past if we have not replaced them? Can you please if you can go into detail here as I’ve heard it explained before and still I can’t seem to allow it to stick?

The reason it’s not sticking is that your concept is erroneous, in the idea that things are stuck where they are and you’re replacing it, like it’s not moving too.

Everything moves together. Everything moves at once. You shift, they shift.

The idea is that you’re all constantly shifting. So nothing is ever standing still. You’re not replacing anyone. You may be taking over, euphemistically speaking, the spot that they used to occupy, but they don’t occupy it anymore.

Look at a stream or a river. Waves move through it and all of that, and water flows and all of that.

But one water molecule is, in a sense, not taking over from another water molecule. The other water molecule that was there a moment ago has moved on downstream. So it’s all moving simultaneously.

Nothing is being replaced because nothing is standing still to be replaced by something else coming in. Everything is moving simultaneously.

Bashar - The Silver Cord - July 2023