You can help or be helped by parallel versions of you

Recently, I’ve been dreaming about another house, another life I feel. Living in a house I don’t recognize but in some way I do recognize. Going into a supermarket and buying things for travel with friends I don’t know but somehow I know that they exist. And today, I felt how lonely and sad that counterpart feels. What is this? How does this relate to my actual experience? And how can I best help and be helped by the counterparts that I’m connected to? Thank you.

As you expand your consciousness, many of you will start to perceive parallel versions of yourselves in other realities.

The ones that you may feel need help, need assistance, you can become their mentors. You can send them positive energy. You can inspire them by sending different kinds of thoughts or examples of your own life along the energetic connection you may have to them. And therefore it may help them brighten their own reality up.

For those you feel you can learn something from, you can download information and experience along those energetic connections that you all make to a variety of versions of yourselves in different parallel realities.

But being more aware and experiencing more viscerally the different parallel realities is one of the symptoms, shall we say, of the expansion of consciousness at this time.

Bashar - Breaking News - July 2021