How can we tap into another parallel version of ourselves?

Can you tell us how we can tap into another parallel version of ourselves, for example, to download information or knowledge about a subject? How can we consciously experience that download?

You can allow your imagination to be your guide in telling yourself a story of that particular persona that is engaged in the subject matter you find interesting.

Allow yourself the free rein to see what the story of that individual would be like, in all aspects of that individual’s life. And mirror it as best as you possibly can, taking actions on the opportunity that synchronicity provides to match the idea of the behaviors and actions and feelings and thoughts of the individual you imagine in your story is living that kind of a life and mirroring it as best as you possibly can.

If it’s not relevant for you, synchronicity will turn you around from it. If it is relevant then you will become in a sense more like that individual and experience the download of information that is relevant for the individual that you are mirroring.

Bashar - Parallel Realities and You - August 2023