Can I tap into oversoul experiences in a dream state?

You as an oversoul are having a multitude of experiences simultaneously.

Would I tap into some of those oversoul experiences, perhaps in a dream state?

Oh, absolutely. And even in a waking state. You do it all the time but you may not recognize that you’re doing it.

You’re connecting to parallel reality versions of yourself, other incarnations of the oversoul that you belong to, and you’re downloading information and experience as you need it - plugging in and out without necessarily knowing that you’re doing that. It’s an automatic function. You don’t always have to know that that’s happening.

Because many times you may have an inspiration or a thought, it may be because you’re tapping into that parallel reality, or a different incarnation, or another dimension of reality that another aspect of your greater being is experiencing.

You don’t always have to know where it’s coming from because the only things you will need to know are how does it serve you in this particular experience, how can you use that inspiration here and now. Just as other aspects may be doing the same thing with you.

Whatever experiences you are having in this physical reality may be serving other aspects of you and other beings entirely, by them connecting to you and downloading your information and experience that you’re learning in this life.

So it’s a constantly dynamically changing Internet of exchanges and vibrations and resonances that are constantly going on, constantly communicating between a multitude of different ideas and incarnations and experiences of your greater self.

Bashar - Persistence of Vision - May 2023