You're constantly merging with other timelines

You all assume you have a single timeline that goes from your past to your future.

In fact, what you’re doing is this: you are scanning all of the frames of reference of all the parallel realities that are relevant for the theme that you chose to explore in this life, and you are drawing down and plugging in and unplugging from and connecting to and disconnecting from all the frames and parallel realities that are relevant for this theme.

You are constructing, literally, moment to moment, billions of times per second, constructing what appears to be a single timeline made up of frames, one after the other in a certain order from thousands of parallel reality connections. You are doing this all the time automatically.

When you have an inspiration, “Oh, I just thought of this”, it may be coming from a parallel reality person that you’re plugging into that is having that experience. And therefore you can get the inspiration because their experience in that particular reality is relevant for the theme you chose to explore in this reality, in this timeline.

You’re constantly merging with timelines to build the timeline that is relevant to your theme, as they are doing with you, drawing upon your experiences, your information, to construct their timelines, all of this going on at the same time. That’s how powerful you are.

Bashar - Welcome To Sedona, The Interdimensional City - September 2023