If you had a traumatic childhood, you can create a new past

Something that we’ve talked about before, having to do with trauma and individuals who have experienced trauma and childhood and that are continuing to recreate the experience in the present moment…

Because they still identify themselves as actually being that child, which they’re not, because they are a different person.

Now, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to use the sense of continuity, the ability to create continuity, to make it seem as if you’re just the adult of that particular child.

But you can now play with continuity in a way that will allow you to make whatever connections to that experience you feel you still need to, if you believe you need to learn something from it that you can apply in your present reality.

But at the same time knowing that that child isn’t you, because as you become a new person you create not only what appears to be a new present and a new future, but also a new past - and therefore a new childhood, that leads to whatever the new person is that you are now today.

So maintain whatever portions of that experience or recreate them for yourself if you wish to, if you believe that there is still something you can get from it.

But, at the same time, paradoxically, concurrently, allow yourself to also realize that whatever it was that that child experienced is not something that you experienced - that’s a different person.

Bashar - The Forest Path, The Animal Path and The Elemental Path - March 2021


You recreate the past in every moment - ask yourself why

With trauma and PTSD, it’s something that’s very prevalent.


Is that also a matter of limiting beliefs and definitions? If we look at our limiting…

[interrupting…] Yes, it doesn’t invalidate the idea of an experience. That’s not what we’re saying. But what we’re saying is the only reason you experience anything in physical reality is because of your belief system and definitional relationship to it.

Because, remember, nothing is actually coming from the past. You’re recreating it in the moment, every moment. So you have to decide what reason am I recreating this experience? Am I learning something from doing so? Is there something I can take from it that will allow me to move on?

And then allowing yourself to actually use it and apply it in a way that does give you the freedom to create something different. Because nothing actually comes from the past. There is no such thing.

It comes from the present because you believe you need it to be there. But because you’re coming from a space-time framework, you believe that it’s actually affecting you from the past. It’s not. There’s no such thing.

Bashar - The Forest Path, The Animal Path and The Elemental Path - March 2021


If you change, you won’t remember your old past

Let’s talk about the Five Laws. So you shared that everything is in the here and now. And the past actually extends from the now.


So you’ve also shared that it’s possible to technically change the past you’re connected to?

Well, yes, it happens automatically.

Yeah. Okay. So does that mean if somebody had a traumatic experience and they believe that they never did, are they now connecting to another version of themselves that never did? And if so, is that a way of bypassing that sort of experience?

Well, yes, in a sense. But the thing of it is, it can’t be used, in a sense as a denial mechanism. It actually has to be truly an understanding that you are truly a different person.

And that the so-called other past has nothing to do with who you are now. It can’t just be used as a denial or a glossing over mechanism…

“Oh, well, I’m different so now I don’t have to pay attention to the fact that I’m still creating all these negative beliefs based on the idea of an experience that happened in childhood.”

Can’t be that. Can’t ignore what you’re creating in the moment. But if you’re truly changing - this is what we often refer to as the 13th Step - you really have a deep experiential understanding that you are a new person.

And many times when you really understand and experience that you are a new person, though there may be some reasons to still refer to the past belonging to the other person that “you used to be” - very often when you really are a new person, there’s nothing to remember. Because it doesn’t relate to you anymore.

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This is an interesting quote!

It reminds me of this idea:
You can help or be helped by parallel versions of you

In case someone doesn’t yet know how to master the 13th step, here’s another idea:

To me, it has been helpful to remember the idea that we may have decided to explore a certain theme throughout this particular lifetime (this idea has been a soothing thought for me):

And I also really like this quote (mentioned in this thread: So far, the greatest lesson that I have learned):

“(…) allowing yourself to explore whatever may seem to be an obstacle is usually the theme, and exploring it fully is usually what allows you to turn the energy that was heretofore experienced as an obstacle into the energy of your passion. So, it’s all connected. It’s all one thing. It’s all one act. All of the themes that you chose to explore have the capability of being turned into the energy of passion. It’s up to you to decide how to do that.”