Emotions are a chemical expression to explore frequency

Why were emotions in humans created in the first place? What purpose do they serve? And how can we as a species make best use of our emotions?

So, it’s kind of what we already talked about to some extent. So, emotions are just a chemical expression. It’s just a frequency wave and it’s one of the ways that that frequency can be expressed.

It can be expressed as a thought. It can be expressed as an emotion. It might even be expressed as an action. It’s just a range.

Think about it kind of like music and octaves. A ‘C’ is a ‘C’, but maybe in a different octave. And so, thought forms have their own range, emotions have their own range and then physical actions have their own range.

So, it was just for exploration of frequency. And that is the grand design. That is the point of everything.

But when you have emotions, it also makes the moment unique. The experience is very unique as opposed to species who run on pure logic.

And there are species who do that, who are exceptionally logical, who work with the high mind - things are or they aren’t.

So, you add another level in there. You add emotion in there and that changes things up. It adds depth to the experience.

And so that was part of the grand experiment. That’s why it was done.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - March 2023