How can we recognize that we have changed?

How can one recognize that one is a different person, even if they have memories or trauma of past events from non-preferable versions of themselves and experiences?

Well, you can begin to recognize perhaps a difference in the so-called emotional distancing that may occur, if you’re simply looking at something from another version of yourself.

Maintaining your ability to see that version, but not necessarily having the strength of feeling that you used to have about it. That’s one way.

It can be something more observational, like you’re looking at a movie of someone else as opposed to something that’s truly still as relevant to you as it used to be. That’s one way.

The fact also that you may be looking at that event itself from another perspective as a way of recognizing yourself. And even asking the question itself, “How can I tell the difference?” is an indication that you may be using that connection differently than you used to.

Bashar - The Silver Cord - July 2023