How do we release subconscious programming?

How do we release the subconscious programming? A lot of people are finding it very intense [these days] and they’re losing a sense of safety.

So start with the fact that you can recognize some of the subconscious programs by paying attention to what’s showing up in your life. So if you’re finding that there’s a pattern that keeps showing up for you, pay attention to what that is.

So maybe you keep finding that you keep feeling overlooked, like people aren’t acknowledging you and your feelings keep getting hurt.

So in that case, we would have you look at where are you not acknowledging you. Where are you not acknowledging your gifts, skills and abilities?

Because once you do that, you’ll find that those around you will start to be a matching frequency for that. They will start to acknowledge you. They are not acknowledging you now because the energy you are putting out is a mirror for that.

That’s probably happening at the subconscious level. Most of you don’t choose that consciously. It can be a belief that you started maybe very, very, very early on.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - September 2023