Open Hotseat - July 2023 webinar - AI Summary

This is an artificial intelligence summary of the Open Hotseat - July 2023 webinar


Here is a helpful summary of the key points from the conversation:

  • Amoo shared her inspiring personal story of going from feeling suicidal and struggling financially to now feeling happy, prosperous, and eager to help others.

  • She reached a low point where she stopped caring and just let go of trying so hard to manifest. This allowed positive change to happen.

  • Reading fiction she enjoyed helped get her into a good feeling state of alignment. Later she started writing books which fully absorbed her attention in a positive way.

  • She realized trying too hard with prescribed processes was not working for her. Once she focused on the essence of techniques for her own emotional shifts, her manifestations flowed quickly.

  • Letting go of expectations and resentment was pivotal. She now easily stays in a “bubble” of positive focus and alignment.

  • Her advice included finding engrossing hobbies, releasing expectations of others, and understanding manifesting works emotionally rather than just intellectually.

  • Overall, her inspiring story demonstrates that deliberate manifesting using universal principles can dramatically improve one’s life. Her experience will likely motivate others that success is possible.