Out of body experiences

Can you wake up in the morning out of your body?


I have long wanted an out of body experience.

You know what one of those is? Out of body experience is when you completely don the perspective of your inner being and you watch your physicality from that perspective.

I’ve long wanted an out of body experience. I felt close to it a couple of times. During meditation, I felt a sort of pulling sensation that felt like my energy was about to leave my body.

That is the sensation.

But then I freaked out at the last moment so it didn’t happen.

Because your inner being will never call you someplace that you are not ready for.

When you say “yes, yes, yes, yes, no, never mind” your inner being releases the specific focus because there’s no benefit in pushing you - better said, pulling you.

Jerry said that’s how he learned to swim. An uncle threw him in the water, sink or swim. That isn’t the way to teach someone to swim. That’s the way to teach someone to not ever get in the water.

That’s a way to teach someone that you can’t be trusted. That’s a way to teach someone things that they don’t want. Your inner being isn’t that kind of a teacher; your uncle might be.

One morning I woke up and I wasn’t in my body. My body was lying down and I was sitting up and looking out the window. Lasted ten seconds. Then I decided I wanted to go back into my body. So I put my imaginary arms down to touch my real arms, and I was back in my body. I then sat up and carried on looking at the same thing I was looking at out the window.

So, you understand from a firsthand experience the two aspects of you, the blending of you, the naturalness of the blending.

We could not have ever given you words that would have given you that understanding. Because words don’t come close to teaching, like life experience does.

Abraham Now broadcast - June 2, 2020