How do I let go of my fear of out-of-body experiences?

I sometimes have the feeling of being out-of-body. But I’m afraid to surrender to this because it feels very scary. Do you have any methods to help let go of the fear of out-of-body experiences?

Yes, examine your belief systems about what you’re afraid might happen if you’re out-of-body. Some people are afraid they might get stuck out of their body. Believe me, you won’t. Because if it’s not your time to go, you will be sent back. So there’s nothing to fear.

Find out what the fear belief is and find out why that seems rational to you, why that seems true to you. Because very often, these things aren’t true. They’re just what you’ve been taught or what you’ve been taught to think about something or how you think it works when it doesn’t work that way at all.

You always have guidance. You can’t get stuck outside your body. You will not leave before your time.

Bashar - The Silver Cord - July 2023