How do I let go of my best friend and stop feeling lonely?

I’m having trouble letting go of my best friend, ex-partner with whom I shared everything. And I now feel lonely and alone. Can you advise me on how to gain a positive perspective and how to move on?

Well, you’re not alone. You’re never alone. You always have your guides. You always have those that have passed on, or simply not incarnated, that are part of your soul family.

And the idea of feeling alone just because you are no longer in contact with one particular physical being can be looked at as an opportunity to move on to attract those who are now more representative of the new level that you have taken yourself to in your evolutionary path.

You’re never alone but you can make yourself feel alone by hesitating to move forward on your path. So examine your belief systems to find out why you have created this attachment and why it’s necessary for you to have connection with that particular person, as opposed to moving forward to connect to the people that would now serve you best.

Bashar - The Silver Cord - July 2023