Stop taking score of 'What Is'

Stop taking score of ‘What Is’ by looking to where you’re going rather than to where you are.

It’s like if you got into your automobile, it’s a fortunate thing that your windshield isn’t in the floorboard. How would that be to drive down the road, just looking right where you are? It’s ridiculous, we know. But that’s how a lot of you are living life.

You don’t look up, you don’t look out, you don’t look over, you’re just looking at ‘What Is’ and talking about ‘What Is’ and complaining about ‘What Is’ and worrying about ‘What Is’ and recreating ‘What Is’.

People say “I thought you said I can’t stand still” and we say “You’re not standing still. You’re just bringing it back again and again and again and again.”

Different places, different faces, different neighbors, different walls, different things that you’re worried about, getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, because you haven’t shifted the way you feel. Got to find a way to shift the way you feel.

Abraham - Dallas, Texas - Oct 28, 2023