Taylor Swift's concert and the earthquake of collective resonance

Sometimes we have large gatherings that are called rock concerts or music concerts, where there can be large numbers of people, like 50,000 people, all getting into a very excited, happy state, dancing, singing, all of that. And for some people, that seems to open up the doorways for some form of ET contact.

Of course. This is ancient shamanism. That’s all this is.

Remember, drumming circles, dancing circles, vibrations, frequencies, resonance, it’s all about that. It doesn’t matter how you accomplish it as long as there is unity and harmony in the frequencies, with the intent going in a similar direction.

We are aware that just recently, it has been recorded that at a certain concert, from the individual you know as Taylor Swift, individuals were vibrating in harmony to such an extent that it was actually recorded as a 2.2 earthquake.

That’s exciting.

There are powers in harmonies. There are powers in resonances. It doesn’t matter how you achieve this.

Bashar - The Three Behaviors of Connection - July 2023