Soul contracts and synchronous shifts: the dynamics of vibration and timing

We hear all the time, people, for example, having an accident, like they walk out into the street and a car hits them. And they say they never saw the car coming and the driver says they never saw the person - they just came out of nowhere.

Is it possible that in situations like that, albeit extreme, that because of a soul contract and just the perfect timing that even though these two individuals were not at that moment on the same frequency, but that the split second right before that happened, they merged into the same frequency or one of them jumped to the other one?

Is that a possibility? Because to me, that has so many other implications that I’m thinking of. So if you could give any insight on that.

It is actually a probability. Yes, that is correct and that can happen, and happens more often than you may think. .

Because again, the idea is that a person may set themselves up for certain experiences and they know they have also chosen certain moments to represent interactions with other realities.

And they will wait until that synchronous moment to shift to that vibration so that what they have chosen to experience can happen.

And so that what they have chosen to experience will not happen before that moment, by being shifted out into a different vibration until they are ready to experience the shift into the vibration of the agreement with the others.

Remember that you’re constantly shifting, constantly, billions of times per second. So it is an orchestration, and a very precise one.

Bashar - The Three Behaviors of Connection - July 2023