The soul only exits when it has done everything it wanted to

Always as a soul, when you go through a death cycle, it is always a conscious choice at the soul level, whether it is an accident, whether it is a disease, whether it is suicide. It is always a conscious choice by the soul to exit.

The soul does not exit until it has accomplished everything that it wanted to accomplish in the body under the circumstances that it had - that’s it. Otherwise, you’d still be here.

It’s really as simple as that. So you never leave before your time.

Now there is a hard cutoff date that you set for yourself. And then there are some off ramps that you give yourself permission to explore. If you want them they’re there. You might say “No, there’s still a little more, we’re gonna keep going for a while.” And then there are some that say “You know what? Yes, I feel like I’ve I’ve done everything I wanted to do.”

Now, when the soul gets to the other side, the soul has a different perspective and says, “Ah, I wish I would have tried one or two more things. That could have been really interesting. But I know when I was down in density, I just wasn’t going to get it, I wasn’t going to see it. Otherwise I would have been there, I would have done that.”

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - December 2020


@stingray is “soul” as they are using it here interchangeable with higher self or inner being, or are those different concepts?


Yes, it seems to be their terminology for it.


So, if I were to leap from a tall building next week, will I land softly, because it wasn’t my time? Or, will I have jumped because it was my time?


I remember Bashar talking about people that go through crazy accidents and they came out alive and the people wonder how the hell did they get out of that alive. Bashar says they didn’t, they actually died in that parallel reality, in the non-physical they had a choice to stay or continue their physical life. If they chose to continue in their physical life, then they will go back into a parallel reality where they made it out alive and unscathed.



I’ve put this Abraham quote here because it appears to contradict what the 9DPs are saying in the quote at the top of this thread about a hard cutoff date.

At this time, I still don’t fully understand what the 9DPs meant by that phrase.

Infinite choice about when we die

Are we scheduled to croak at a certain time, or a general time? Or do we have more choice in the matter?

You have infinite choice. In the same way that you have the choice of moving toward what you want, or away from it, or to feel good or to feel bad. This choice is much the same.

The more fun you’re having in this physical experience, the longer you want to hang around. But you could connect to the broader part of you and feel with certainty that your value and your evolution in this physical body have satisfied you, all of you - and that now there’s more satisfaction from your broader vantage point.

Abraham Now broadcast - May 22, 2021


More about the hard cutoff date…

Your final exit date is fated - but you can leave early

There are certain details in your life which are indeed fated. You will pick things - and it’s different for everyone. The one that you all have in common is a final exit date.

You have opportunities to either depart early - you could go through a death cycle - or you might find that, “Well it’s really not important for me to go all the way through the ascension process in this life. I just want to live a full life and have this experience and then I’m going to come back, I’m going to incarnate in another vehicle in another body with another setup and see if I can go through the ascension process later.”

So the soul makes all those decisions and the soul is always in the driver’s seat. You are your soul having this experience. You’re an aspect of the Divine. You’re not your personality.

The personality really is programs - programs that you’ve used to color your perception of the experience. That’s it. That’s how you have a character. That’s how you have subtle nuances of experience. And that is part of the setup of the game.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - ‘Divine Action’ Galactic Light Code - July 2021

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I had assumed that that particular statement would result in a visit to this nothing-is-impossible forum from Mr Ruckus and Ms Consternation …I guess not.

Interesting :thinking:


I guess when members of the forum read that statement they were like…

Personally, these days I’m viewing any statement from anyone as a suggestion resulting from my own vibrational vicinity to it.

If a radio station suggests that 50’s music is and will be the best music forever then I won’t argue with that even if I don’t agree with it. It just indicates to me that I’m tuned into a radio range that suggests that opinion. I can then choose to take it or stay indifferent to it.

Also, I think that the discussion of what’s possible and what’s not can be a tricky one. Once I buy into someone’s opinion, it means I’m now pretty much bound to that vibrational range. This means I won’t receive other opinions from other ranges that might or might not be true. That can be a valid choice.

But in this case I’m choosing to stay indifferent to the statement mentioned above. Even if it’s true that there are limits and there is a final exit date, it won’t do any harm to not believe it.

The worst case could be that I die on exit date and then I’m really angry at myself that I’ve been so happily delusional. I think I can “live” with that.


You are your soul’s essence having this experience

Some of you will feel a bit disempowered. You’ll think, “Well, you know, I’m not making any choices down here as the personality. I don’t want to go left, I want to go right.”

Well, you are your soul’s essence having this experience. We want to remind you of that.

And if you want to go right, and everything says go left, think of right. If you are really meant to go to those destinations that are off to the left, you’re gonna make your way around there eventually, and that the soul doesn’t really care about.

The soul knows that you will eventually get there. That is not really open for debate. At some point, you are going to arrive at your destination.

Now, how you experience that in terms of the linear timeline, that’s not fixed, that’s not set. So that is all very malleable and within your power to shift and adjust.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - ‘Divine Action’ Galactic Light Code - July 2021

An old quote from Abraham on this subject…

You could remain in these bodies indefinitely

You could remain in these bodies indefinitely if you would allow your environment to continue to produce new, continuing, life-summoning desire.

You could be one who opened your vortex to continually find new things to want, and those desires would continue to summon Life Force through you: you are living raucously, you are living joyously, you are living rambunctiously, you are living passionately…

And then, from that same framework — you make a conscious decision to make your transition.

Abraham, Excerpted from Los Angeles, CA on 7/25/99


This forum thread was the focus of the Open Hotseat - July 2021 webinar


Meh … I have recently had one very elderly family member kick the bucket, and another (the deceased’s sister) not far off it. They both were/are, in their own words, very much ready to go. In some ways, moving on had become a desire.

I feel when it’s my turn, I will know and will be ready. Who dies anyway? The story of me, that is all. If anything it is a rebirth.

For me if there is any fear, it is how death would happen. Which is what I really think most people fear, and assume it will be a result of something scary and painful.

I think what worries me more, is I am really starting to get a handle on this deliberate manifesting thing, and I don’t want it to stop just as I get started!!!


That was an enlightening discussion. Thank you.

It’s funny how you talked about the fact that time is an illusion. Of course, these channeled beings keep mentioning that all the time. When they talk about an exit date, it should be obvious that dates are always flexible in this context.

In this light, it doesn’t seem as if they are talking about determimism.

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Nothing is pre-determined from non-physical

If a person in physical form passes to non-physical at a young age, such as a child or even a young adult, was that pre-determined before coming into physical form?

Pre-determined or pre-decided or pre-wanted or pre-focused upon, nothing is pre-determined from non-physical because nothing is set into motion as something that must be.

Abraham Now broadcast - July 24, 2021