There are many different reasons why you may have cancer

A lot of you had questions about cancer. So we’re going to do some broad answers here.

But know that you’re not alone in that, and this is something that’s going to come up for many in the near future here, unfortunately.

And there are many different reasons why you all may have cancer. A lot of different paths lead to that end result. Some of it is environmental, some of it is mental, some of it is emotional.

There can be lots of things that drive that imbalance within the body that then generates this kind of generalized imbalance, this mutation of the cell.

So, it is really important that you don’t go into a process of beratement and worrying so much about what you’ve been doing wrong.

Focus on just cleaning things up. Cleaning up your diet, cleaning up your environment, cleaning up your thoughts, what emotions might still be hanging out.

And sometimes it’s not so much what you did wrong but to help you to walk through a path that will lead to deeper levels of compassion and will also afford you the opportunity to kind of look at some of these patterns.

This is something that the soul sets up. This is not something that the ego has control over.

And you may not know why it is present in your life until you get much farther down the line. In looking back, you can see the gifts that came with it.

Maybe it afforded you the opportunity to be more present in the moment, to tell those that you love exactly how you feel, that maybe you wouldn’t have taken risks, or you wouldn’t have taken bold leaps, if this hadn’t shown up.

So sometimes, illnesses and imbalances can come with those gifts.

And that’s what’s important for you to focus on, the gifts that you are given and let go of the prognosis. Let go of the [medical science] predictions.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - January 2023


@stingray, do you understand this part to mean that in some cases, cancer or other “heavy” illnesses are set up pre-incarnation in order to explore certain themes?

Not sure about “illnesses” being pre-incarnational because that idea of dis-ease, to me, tends to imply resistance to energy flow, often chronic.

If it was something pre-incarnational, it would seem more logical that it would be a disability of some kind (physical or mental), or some tendency towards a behavior pattern that society frowns upon.

I think Abraham have implied that this sort of thing happens almost as a defiant act…“you can’t make me conform to your ideals of perfection” kind of thing.


My understanding of chronic illness/disease has also been that it results from long-standing blockages to energy flow. That’s why I’m confused about, “this is something the soul sets up.” Is the idea of “soul” here the same as “higher self”? Also, if someone has good energy flow, wouldn’t that override the environmental causes they’re noting (or at least give the person inspired guidance to make necessary beneficial changes)?

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“Higher Self” or “Inner Being” or “Soul” as a black box system is how Abraham tend to simplify the concept, presumably because of The Lowest Common Denominator constraint.

As I understand it, the 9DPC and Bashar both break down the “Soul” into more distinct layers, so the terms are not strictly interchangeable.

From our 3D perspectives, we are always dealing with somewhat flawed and debatable models and analogies of how reality works because our physically-based consciousnesses can’t comprehend accurately from the higher perspectives.

Of course. But then wouldn’t being able to let the energy flow freely in that situation mean you have gained the wanted insight into it that now made you perceive it in a more unconditional way, and so the attracted “cause” had resulted in the desired effect?


Thanks for your explanations. Those make sense to me, but I’m still not able to understand some of their causal ideas (soul choice and environmental) in the full context of deliberate creation. Probably requires an actual conversation for clarity, so I’ll ask you if we have that chance.