The real work is the banging around

The real work is the banging around. The real work is the “Ooh, that’s pretty”, “God, I hate you”, “Ooh, that’s lovely”, “That’s so annoying”.

That’s the real work. And we would like you to spend about ten percent of your life doing that work. That’s the real work. Most of you spend like 99% of your time doing that work.

But that’s the real work. That’s when you set your goals. That’s when you determine the parameters of what you’re wanting. That’s what causes a true expansion.

All the lovely variety around you helps you to do that. And when you do it, it is given. Each new request is integrated in, and is given.

So at any point, you can let yourself realize this and that’s when it gets really delicious.

Abraham - Amsterdam 2022