The universe wants you to be yourself and follow your passion

I’m always hoping I’m doing what the universe that I felt inside me wants me to do.

It’s not about the universe wanting you to do anything. If the universe wants anything, it’s for you to be yourself and decide what’s true for you and follow your passion. Because passion is the universe talking to you. It is your higher mind sending you messages saying this is the next step. That’s why you feel it that way.

That’s what passion is. It’s a message vibrationally delivered by the higher mind and All That Is saying '“This is who you are.”

Your body interprets that message as the sensation you call passion and excitement and creativity and love and action. So by acting on your passion, you are listening to your higher mind. You’re listening to the universe. You’re willing to believe it’s guiding you.

And when you act on your passion, you’re speaking the language of physical reality that tells your higher mind and the universe “Yeah, I heard you and I’m willing to listen to your guidance.” And then the universe and your higher mind can send you more opportunities to act on your passion.

You never know what form or why your passion comes in the form that it does. Never assume that that form itself must come to fruition. It may, but it doesn’t have to, in order to have achieved what it needed to achieve in you that you wanted the most.

Bashar - Persistence of Vision - May 2023