The language of physical reality is action, not words

Remember, the language of physical reality is physical action, not words. So if you are passionate or excited about something, even just a little bit more than any other choice, taking a physical action to the best you can in that direction is the next step on your path.

Remember, your higher mind is communicating with you in energy, and your body translates that energy as passion. So when you take action on it, you’re actually answering the higher mind saying, “Yes, I heard you.”

And therefore it can send you more opportunities to take action on your passion. If you’re not acting on your passion, it’s not going to send you more opportunities. Why should it when you’re not even acting on what it’s already sent you?

That’s the most powerful thing you can do, is pay attention to what you are passionate about, take whatever action you can take without assuming that the form in which the passion came is the thing that actually has to come to fruition.

Because you have no idea why it actually came in the form that it did. Just do your best to see if that’s the form that needs to come to fruition.

But never assume or insist that it must, because sometimes your passion will come to you in a form that will just get you to move, so that you can wind up and be where you need to be so that what really needs to happen can happen more easily.

Bashar - The Infinite Restaurant - August 2021