Your true power is in alignment

Every time you have said that one in alignment is more powerful than millions who are not, when I swim in those words, the odds feel minuscule to unattainable. After all, how could I be more powerful than millions?

Well, that belief about yourself isn’t helpful. In other words, when you feel that you are not capable or that you’re unimportant or that it can’t happen for you, then it can’t.

But when we say one who is in alignment is more powerful, what we mean is in the alignment, you’re not splitting your energy and in not splitting your energy you are powerful.

This analogy isn’t working very well for you because something about it has made you feel competition with others.

And we get why one in alignment is more powerful than millions who are not. So let us see if we can offer some softer words to you.

Those not in alignment have no power. Those in alignment have power.

And so the reason that we’ve offered this comparison over time is because we want you to understand that you - yes, you, important you - in full connection with source energy - that is as powerful as it gets.

And people who gather together out of their fear or out of their sense of weakness, who want to gather together in numbers - if they are not in alignment, they are powerless against even one of you who is in alignment with source energy.

You are powerless if you are not in alignment with source energy. One who is in alignment is powerful. One who is not in alignment is not.

By alignment, we mean with your source who is non-resistant. So you can be in alignment with other people. But if they are people who are pushing against, you render yourself powerless by comparison with what you could be if you were in alignment with source energy.

You think that those like that are not powerless. They look powerful because they come together in numbers. And we know they make a fuss.

We’re just wanting to get your attention to help you understand where your true power is.

Abraham Now broadcast - July 16, 2020