All of you are worthy by the fact that you exist

Do remember, all of you are worthy by the fact that you exist because creation doesn’t make mistakes. And if you exist, that means you’re worthy of existence. It means creation needs you to exist for it to be all that it is.

Those of you who might have experienced the idea of believing in your lack of worth, you’re arguing with creation. And you will never win that argument because you cannot stop existing.

So, don’t keep pounding your head against the wall, “I’m unworthy, I’m unworthy, I’m not deserving,” because creation will never acknowledge that, ever.

You cannot stop existing. Existence is your natural state. There is no room in non-existence for anything that exists. Non-existence is already full of all the things that will never exist.

Bashar - Welcome To Sedona, The Interdimensional City - September 2023