You have to be worthy to create the experience of unworthiness

So if the question [“What would I have to believe is true about myself for this to be happening?”] brings the answer of “I don’t feel worthy,” what is the antidote to that?

Well, again, it’s understanding the nature of existence, as we have described many times before.
If you really, truly were not worthy, you wouldn’t exist because there are no mistakes per se, within creation.

So by saying, “I’m not worthy,” in a sense, paradoxically, that’s actually quite arrogant. Because you’re saying, “I, out of all of the beings in existence, am the only one that is not worthy of my existence.”

Believe me, if you weren’t worthy of existence, you would not exist.

So what you’re doing by saying “I’m not worthy” is you are arguing with existence itself about the idea that you exist, and you will never win that argument because you can never cease to exist.

So if you can understand the way we’re describing this structurally, you can snap yourself out of that illusion that you’re not worthy. And again, remember the paradox. You have to be worthy of your existence in order to create an experience of unworthiness.

Bashar - Breaking News - July 2021