Change your story, change your reality

Change the stories that you’re telling yourself and you will change your reality. Because the base frequency will change. The things that you attract of that base frequency will change.

So if you are holding a belief that all people are manipulative and you decide that you want to create a new job.

Well, if your base frequency says that people are manipulating, and then you’re trying to put on top of that the frequency that you want a new job that’s uplifting and expansive, those things are combined, those things go together.

So you will always take that with you - that people are manipulative. So the kind of job that you get will be one in which the boss may be manipulative. Or your coworkers are power hungry, and they’re going to try to do everything they can do to cut your legs out from under you so they can get above you.

Because your core belief that you’ve created this reality on is that people are manipulative.

So when you change that story to “people can be very supportive”, and you put that same energy out about wanting a job and what it looks like. And those are tied together. What do you think you’re going to create as your reality for the job?

It’s going to be vastly different. You get co-workers who want to support you and want the company to thrive. You get a boss who listens to your ideas, who welcomes them, and wants you to thrive - vastly different.

So this is why it’s important to look at the stories that you tell yourself about yourself and the world. Because it directly impacts your ability to manifest and what you manifest.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - July 2020