Clearing Emotional Triggers

Let’s say you are being emotionally “triggered” by someone so that every time they do or say something, you lose control and end up in a feeling of rage. (This process can apply to being triggered by “things” also)

Here’s the suggested clearing approach:

  1. Identify what’s triggering you
  2. Feel clearly in what part of your body you feel the triggered emotion (that culminates in the rage)
  3. Clear that emotion

Here’s how to apply this approach…

1. Identify The Trigger

Consider what it is about what the person is doing that is triggering you. It could their tone of voice, their facial expression, the subjects they bring up, the words they use, their gestures etc.

2. Feel The Emotion Clearly

The next time you are calm and centered within yourself (and away from them), deliberately conjure up that triggering behavior in your mind.

If that is definitely the trigger, you will feel an uncomfortable sensation in a part of your body. Try to make that sensation as strong as you possibly can in that part of the body so it’s as clear to you as it can possibly be. It will feel counter-intuitive to do this because normally we try to suppress uncomfortable emotions, not make them even more uncomfortable :slight_smile:

That’s why it’s a good idea to do this when they are not around otherwise making the emotion stronger may lead you into action (i.e. another round of rage) which is what you are trying to avoid.

3. Clear That Emotion

There are many techniques around for clearing bad-feeling emotions. If you are new to these ideas then EFT might be the place to start. It’s quick to learn and easy to apply. You can learn the basics of it from YouTube in a few minutes.

Just do your EFT tapping while the emotion (identified above) is at its strongest within you so it’s probably a good idea to learn the EFT tapping process first before starting this entire clearing process.

If this clearing process has been effective, you should notice an automatically different reaction within yourself the next time you feel triggered. If that’s not still the reaction you want, just repeat the above process using different identified triggers if necessary.

If you keep going with this clearing process until there’s nothing left to “trigger” you, you’ll find that you’ll remain completely calm regardless of what they can do or say…and you won’t even have to try :slight_smile: