Flowing Energy quotes

The main event is the Life Force

You want the desire because it is the idea or the goal or the Creation that is responsible for a good amount of Life Force to flow through you. The main event is the Life Force that is flowing through you, not the manifestation.

And if you don’t believe us now, wait until that manifestation has popped, and realize that its power to draw life through you will be greatly diminished. That’s why you keep wanting another goal and another goal and another goal…

Abraham, Excerpted from Kansas City, KS on 9/27/98

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The stream of well-being

There is a stream of well-being which you are allowing or not.

And so the art of allowing is about paying attention to the way you feel so you can tell

in any moment whether you are, in this moment – where all of your feeling, where all of your power is – in this moment you hold the vibrational leverage to allow the well-being that you want and deserve or not.

No one else that you have ever known, whether it is government or that which you call God, certainly not your family or peers, no one has the ability to pinch off the well-being that flows to you – only you.

Abraham, San Antonio, TX, 11/25/00

Flow your energy deliberately

Flow your Energy deliberately, and don’t worry so much about what you are doing, or where you are going, or who you are doing it with, or what you are eating.

In other words, let your thought flow be what is most important, and it is our promise to you that the physical manifestation will follow in perfect order.

Abraham Calendar


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The act of flowing is essential to life

You intended to come forth into the physical realm of contrast to define what is wanted. To connect with the energy that creates worlds, and to flow it toward your objects of attention. Not because the objects of attention are important, but because the act of flowing is essential to life.

Abraham, Excerpted from Lincroft, NJ on October 15, 1996

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When you stay connected to your Energy Stream, you always win

When you manage to stay connected to your Energy stream, you always win. And you know what, somebody else doesn’t have to lose for you to win. There is always enough.

Abraham, Excerpted from Los Angeles, CA on 2/2/97

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Sexual Energy and Spiritual Energy are identical energy

Sexual Energy and Spiritual Energy are identical energy. When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on - that’s the ‘turned on’.

When Source Energy flows through you, it flows through you. You cannot separate one from the other.

Abraham, Chicago, IL - 9/23/00

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The spending of energy creates a vacuum

Every time you say, “I appreciate that. I really like that. I applaud that. I acknowledge the value in that”, every time you do that, you spend some of your energy.

And it is the spending of the energy that creates a vacuum, so to speak, or an attraction, so to speak, that draws more and more and more and more.

Abraham, Excerpted from Chicago, IL on 11/2/97



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