How do I create a permission slip that works?

The idea that I’m making a permission slip or creating a permission slip that works. What’s involved in that?

It’s just a matter of what you are synchronistically attracted to.

Usually the permission slips that work for you will come to you. You’ll find a particular book. You’ll hear about a particular lecture. You’ll find a particular teacher. Somebody will turn you on to a particular discipline or artistic expression. Something along that line.

Somebody will give you a particular object. It will come to you if you’re just open to it. It will flow. It’s part of the flow of the unfolding of your life automatically. You don’t have to work at it. You just have to recognize what it is you’re attracted to do.

"Oh, suddenly, I’m very attracted to the idea of reading tea leaves."

“Oh, suddenly, I’m very attracted to using tarot cards.”

Or “Suddenly I’m very attracted to seeing a lot of movies about this subject”

It’s up to you to understand and recognize the symbols in the way that they come to you in life that could actually function as permission slips for you, based on what it is they allow you to believe they’re doing for you.

So if seeing a bunch of movies on a certain subject opens your mind up to that subject a little farther, then that has been a permission slip that has allowed you to open your mind a little farther on that subject. It’s that simple. Don’t overcomplicate it. It’s not a big mystery.

Just use what works that comes to you. Use what you’re attracted to use. That’s the nature of a permission slip. It’s something that’s aligned with your belief system that you feel will give you permission to expand, to create more of yourself. That’s it.

Bashar - Persistence of Vision - May 2023