If you make a choice, make it with gusto, own it, claim it

There’s a lot of you who have a lot of doubt about your actions, about the choices that you’re making - and you really can’t get it wrong.

Every choice that you make is illuminating. It is showing you how you are expressing or suppressing your divine light.

So if you make a choice, make it with gusto. Own it, claim it. And maybe the next moment, you don’t want to continue making that choice, maybe there’s a new direction you want to head. Great. Claim it, own it. Move in the new direction.

Trust in yourselves. You would never create a challenge if you didn’t have within you the ability to access the frequency of the solution. They’re created in reality at the same time. It’s just a matter of where your consciousness is. Where is it focused, on the problem or the solution?

So have confidence in yourself knowing that every choice that you make is the right choice. You can’t really get it wrong. It just may be that your expectation did not match the actual physical experience of the moment. That’s it.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - June 2023