Just observe without judgment

Just observe without judgment. This is the fastest way to process through energy because the moment you judge energy, it stops flowing. And that’s what happened when you had an experience you didn’t like it. You judged it and you stopped the flow of energy.

Energy is meant to continually flow and be transformed. And you’ve stopped that flow and it gets held in the energetic field and then eventually in the body.

So as you give yourself permission to feel an energy without judgment, you are opening the door to allow it to flow. Or you can think about removing a stopper and allowing it to flow. Every instance of that specific frequency is liberated. It’s not just the one experience that you may have just recently had. It’s every experience.

So let’s take ‘disappointment’. Every time you felt disappointment in your life and you didn’t like how it felt, you stuffed it down. So how many times in your life do you think you feel disappointment? Hundreds, thousands of times, and it just got stuffed and stuffed.

Now it’s amplified and you’ve created an experience for yourself so that you can let it go. And you’re feeling disappointment, severe disappointment, and so when you uncork it or you open the pathway for that energy to flow again, it all comes rushing out.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - August 2023