Meditation quotes

Meditation is a powerful tool

Meditation is a powerful tool. If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would meditate on a regular basis for the sweet relief of a quiet mind.

There is no better way of stopping the momentum of something unwanted, and to allow the momentum of something wanted, than to meditate - other than getting a full night’s sleep.

Abraham, Excerpted from Orlando, FL on 1/11/14


Meditation deactivates resistance

You have to find a way that the beliefs that you’re dragging around are not active at the same time that you’re focused on your desires.

Because whatever you’re focused upon is active. And if you’ve got an active belief in your vibration, it is most likely blocking out your reception of what you really want.

So you just got to decide what influence do I want to be under? Do I want to be under the influence of Source or under the influence of something else? Do I want to be under the influence of the solution or under the influence of the problem.

And you know, how you get there easily is meditate.

Because when you meditate, you stop your thoughts. And when you stop your thoughts, you stop your beliefs. And when you stop your beliefs, you stop your resistant beliefs. And when there’s no resistance within your vibration, your vibration rises and there your inner being is right there ready to meet you with clarity, with clarity.


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