Soothing is better than distraction

In order to let go of a negative thought pathway, is it necessary to get hold of something else? Or is it enough to quiet the mind and go into a neutral state?

Well, you have to figure out, subject by subject, what works best for you. And what we mean by that is sometimes it’s easier to just withdraw your attention from a subject. Sometimes it’s not so easy to withdraw your attention from a subject.

Meditation, which is a complete letting go of all subjects, is a complete quieting of your mind - that is a soothing way to allow your vibration to rise, when you can’t stop thinking about something and the way you’re thinking about it is unpleasant, and you can feel that you’re working against yourself with your constant trying to figure it out.

Aren’t you noticing more and more that when you think about what you want and why you want it, it’s a smoother thing for you than when you try to figure out how it’s going to get here or when or who’s going to be involved or where it’s going to be?

When you ask questions that you don’t have answers for, you add resistance to your vibration, but when you focus upon what you want and why you want it usually there is less resistance in that.

But there’s no absolute in any of this. You just have to work with it. Play around with it until you find on what subjects it works best with you.

In your question, there was something really important that we want to go back to. You said, “Is it necessary to get a hold of something else?”

Well, that’s distraction. So sometimes distracting yourself is a really good tool. And meditation, in fact, is just a really supreme distraction.

If you can, soothe yourself while you’re focused on the subject. That’s the best.

But don’t work hard at this. If the soothing doesn’t come easily, distract - either by choosing a different subject, or by meditating.

Abraham Now broadcast - July 2, 2020