Spirit guides give you guidance. They don't live your life or make decisions for you

To what extent does our spirit guides assist with the themes and the soul contracts that we have planned?

They give you guidance and that’s why they’re called spirit guides. They don’t do it for you. But they may help you, shall we say, encourage you to move in certain directions, to look at certain things that will give you the information and the experience that you need. So they will gently guide you.

It may be a thought in your head that you think is your own, that’s not. It may be synchronicity showing up, giving you information - that could be a message from the guides.

You could overhear a conversation because you went down this side of the street today instead of the side you always go down because the guide encouraged you to take a different path today because they knew you would overhear what it is you needed to hear.

Many times guides work best when they use what’s already in front of your face in physical reality because then they don’t have to try so hard to get you to pay attention to the message. You suddenly recognize that*, “Oh, what a coincidence. That’s something I was looking for. That’s something I wanted to hear. That’s some information I needed to know.”

You recognize it as such and the urge to find yourself in the position of overhearing that or seeing something could have been the nudge from a guide. And that may have been all they needed to do to get you to receive the information you needed to receive.

It’s rare that you will actually hear words in your head, although sometimes that can happen from a guide. Again, they try to be unobtrusive because they’re guiding you, not living your life for you or making decisions for you.

Bashar - Persistence of Vision - May 2023