Not every ghost is a ghost

Are ghosts real? And can they attach to people and suck their energy? And is there a way that we can interact with ghosts in a positive, loving way?

Yes, they are real because they’re just people. They’re just people on a different frequency level. They have changed their frequency into a non-physical presentation. So yes, they’re real.

Now that doesn’t mean that every situation that people think is a ghost is a ghost.

Because there are many other things that can sort of mimic that effect, including the idea of situations and circumstances and activities being recorded, so to speak, in the fabric of spacetime that can be triggered to sort of play back under certain circumstances that aren’t necessarily indicative of something happening “live in real time.”

So sometimes a spacetime recording can actually seem to be a ghost but it is nothing more than the idea of a recording of an incident that may have already happened, etched into the fabric of spacetime.

Also, something else that can be confused for a ghost is the idea that, as your senses expand, you may be more capable of experiencing people in parallel realities. And therefore they may fade in and may fade out.

And you may think it’s a ghost of someone who’s connected to your particular timeline but it may be that you’re actually temporarily viewing someone in a completely different parallel reality, who may or may not even be aware of you, with your ability to perceive them.

Bashar - A Step Along The Way - April 2021


Sometimes ghosts don’t know they’re ghosts

Sometimes ghosts don’t even know that they’re ghosts. Depending on how a person may transition into spirit, sometimes they may not even know that they’re dead, and may be very confused about why people are no longer paying attention to them, why things have changed in the house that they lived in.

So sometimes just explaining what’s going on to them can actually smooth them out, settle them out, and help them understand what’s happening. So they don’t have to be upset with it. This is what we will say about this subject at this particular moment.

Okay. It is kind of interesting how Sixth Sense, the movie, really started to address what you’re talking about.

Yes, exactly.

That is reflective of our media reflecting to us information that we’ve already really accessed, but haven’t accepted broadly.


Bashar - A Step Along The Way - April 2021