What's the difference between what we prefer and what we want?

You mentioned we will always get what we need but not what we want. But you also said we can shift to the reality we prefer. Is there any difference between what we prefer and what we want?

It can be.

‘Preference’ is an idea of a state, a general state of being, a frequency that is more in alignment with who you truly are, your core vibration.

‘Wants’ can be wildly different. They can be the product of negative ego. They can be the product of fear.

So the idea is that ‘preference’ is more a reference to the idea of the general state of being in which you would receive automatically and synchronistically what it is that you truly need, which would allow you to experience a life full of joy.

Whereas a ‘want’, though sometimes can coincide with the idea of a need or a preference doesn’t always do so because of the compartmentalisation of your psyche structure, your ego structure that can allow you to have a ‘want’ that isn’t necessarily what you need, and can be wildly out of alignment with what you really actually vibrationally prefer to experience in life.

Bashar - The Three Behaviors of Connection - July 2023