Why don't we remember the earliest years of our lives?

Why don’t we remember the earliest years of our lives? I can’t seem to recall any memories before the age of two.

Why don’t we remember our birth day? It seems like such an eventful day in our lives. How can we forget it? And not [sic] for that matter, why don’t we have womb memories?

Some people do, actually. And you can find research on this. Nevertheless, most of you choose to forget because that’s the whole point of having a physical reality. To forget who you are. To pick up whatever belief systems are part and parcel for the path you’ve chosen and transform them in a way that allows you to discover yourself from a new point of view.

Now, as you begin to shift, you may have deeper memories. But again, it depends upon the purpose for having those memories. Most of you don’t really need to have them in order to fulfil the path that you chose in this life, which allows you to experience yourself in a very new way from a new point of view.

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