Your governments are using 'free energy' / Star Trek replicators

Now Mother Earth herself is a reflection of the consciousness on the planet. So she will never be fully healthy until you are - until you start making those internal changes.

And as you do so, she will change, she will very rapidly - and you’ve seen this just a little bit as you’ve gone through this pandemic, that nature bounces back quite quickly.

So as you start honouring yourself, honouring your light, you then want to start honouring other people. It’s natural. You will extend that to other people. You will extend it to the planet.

You’ll stop trashing her. You’ll stop polluting her. You’ll find ways of working that are in better balance so that Mother Nature doesn’t have to work so hard.

There are natural resources that you’re using which are not the most efficient use of resources in terms of your fuel sources. There is ‘free energy’ that is available too, and that’s coming. It’s been here. Your governments are using it. But the people haven’t been able to use it or access it.

But that’s coming. That’s shifting. That’s changing quite rapidly.

But there are better ways of using your natural resources, in ways that you can recycle. You can break things down. You can reuse it.

You can break things back down to the base molecular structure. Your Star Trek replicators were not that far off. So you can use things, you can create them, and then you can break them back down to the basic parts, and then start again.

So you’re getting there, you’re getting there.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - May 9, 2020


Free energy has been discovered - but was suppressed

How close was Nikola Tesla to rediscovering free energy?

Oh, he already discovered it. He absolutely discovered it. It’s just that the information was suppressed.

Why was it suppressed?

Oh, take a guess.

And which present day countries will be most receptive to implementing free energy?


And why is that?

Because they already have the idea of a collective work ethic that would allow them to focus on it as a project in much the same way that your United States focused on the idea of the space race and going to the moon.

Bashar - The Conundrum - February 2021


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