If it really needs to be done, there's always an exciting way

Let’s stick with The Formula. So I know you’ve heard a lot about this. One question that I’ve had is, you know, sometimes it’s hard to tell if there is an excitement, and there’s other work that needs to be done that may not be as exciting, right?

Then you are either making it not exciting, or it really isn’t your way. There’s always another way. If the work really needs to be done, there’s always an exciting way.

If it really isn’t part of your excitement then that work may not need to be done and something else may take its place.

So again, the first thing to always check is, “Am I dampening the excitement because of my belief systems?”

Once you’ve cleared that through yourself, and you realize you’re not the one preventing yourself from being excited because you might be doing it in a way that is not exciting for you - you might have certain beliefs about what would happen if you did go forward, and so on and so forth - once you clear all that out of the way, if the excitement is naturally waning then that synchronicity is telling you go in another direction.

Go in the exciting direction even if it looks like it’s not connected. What is most passionate for you at this moment tells you it’s connected. Even if it doesn’t look like it could be connected on the surface, it’s the thread of excitement that tells you it’s connected.

Bashar - Breaking News - July 2021