The Formula is misunderstood by many

Is there any aspect of your teachings that you feel has been misunderstood by many receiving it?

Several. Where would you like me to start?

Wherever you feel.

One of the ones that is the most prominent is a lack of understanding of the precision required to really allow The Formula to work with them.

Because many people will lock on to the idea and get very excited about acting on their passion and they will completely ignore or dismiss or forget about the idea of all the other aspects, or have a very limited understanding of the other aspects, such as:

  • no assumption
  • no insistence, to the best you can
  • taking it as far as you can til you can take it no further, and…
  • the idea of remaining in a positive state no matter what happens.

So many people will click on to the first one [acting on highest excitement], and go a little bit soft on the remaining attributes of The Formula.

Bashar - The Infinite Restaurant - August 2021