You're not following The Formula if you react negatively

I find that I have the experience, and I’m sure others share this experience, where I am having a great day, I’m in the zone, I’m in flow, I’m high energy, I’m going and going and then something will occur and I don’t have a positive reaction to it and…

[interrupting] Let’s stop right there.

You’re not following The Formula because whatever’s happening, there’s a reason it’s happening. And if you are reacting negatively to it, it’s showing you you still have a belief that it can’t serve you.

Everything can be served. Everything serves a purpose. Everything that happens is what needs to be happening. And if you choose to stay in a positive state, which is the principle in The Formula that we often remind you of, all of you.

If you stay in a positive state and say, ‘Well, this must be here for a reason that could serve me’. But the only way you’re going to receive the benefit is by staying in the positive state.

Because if you react negatively, number one, it shows you you haven’t really changed. And number two, it shows you that you can’t get a benefit out of something when you’re in a negative state.

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